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AASP, ASA and SCRS contacted all three Information Providers in regards to Data Privacy. Below is the original request and the responses from the information Providers.

  1. Request Document
  2. Response from Audatex
  3. Response from CCC
  4. Response from Mitchell

SCRS Guide to Complete Repair Planning

SCRS Spot Within Panel Article

Blend within panel or Basecoat reduction – An in depth look at the process to refinish a panel once it has been repaired.

ASA chart for blend within  – Chart showing the items needed for full refinish and “blend within”

DEG Raw Bumper OE shipment condition – Study the DEG performed in 2010 that shows the condition on OE bumpers, either primed or raw

Audatex Refinish Study – ASA letter to Audatex in reference to refinish breakdown.

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I-Car Repairability Technical Portal

Industry Videos

Toby Chess presentation for a previous CIC meeting. Shows the not included steps necessary to remove a used quarter from the donor vehicle.


Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding How and Why


Windshield Installation and Safety Concerns


YouTube – Clear Coat inner panels in CCC One


YouTube – CCC One bumper prompt setup


YouTube – Search the DEG database


YouTube- Adding a new labor rate category in CCC ONE


YouTube – Adding the Aluminum rate category to a line in CCC ONE