Estimating Tips

Estimating Tip: Mitchell- Interior masking for truck bed refinish

Inquiry 19742 provides feedback regarding NOT INCLUDED interior bed masking operation. Mitchell provides additional interior masking calculations in page 28 refinish procedure

Interior masking may be necessary when refinishing exterior surfaces to stop overspray damage that is not prevented by adjacent panel perimeter masking up to 36 inches or substitute with cover vehicle (bag) complete, which includes back taping or application of foam tape.
Should additional masking be required the estimating system provides functionality to allow the user to manually input masking operations.

“The times shown in the illustration are for interior masking of that panel and/or opening. If interior masking is required for an addition non adjacent panel then Deduct .1 hour overlap for each interior masked adjacent panel and/or opening.”

For example when painting both bedsides of a truck, in the same operation, .5 interior masking would apply to the first bedside and an additional .5 to the second bedside with a -.1 overlap deduction for a total of .9 interior masking.