Adhesive Curing Time NOT INCLUDED

October 31, 2022

Estimating Tip- Adhesive Curing Time NOT INCLUDED

Repair procedures that require adhesive bonding may call out for a “Cure Time” before the vehicle can proceed to the next stage of repairs.

Curing time has NOT been factored into all three Information providers labor time.

DEG Inquiry 14014 for CCC
“The Motor labor time in CCC One is for the actual time that the technician spends on the physical procedure required to complete repairs of the damage. Please note: Wait time (i.e. drying, curing, shipping) is not considered in motor time.”

DEG Inquiry 12709 for Mitchell
“Q: Cure Adhesive with IR lamps and monitor temperature with IR thermometer
A: Monitoring curing, and temperature is not included in published labor allowances

DEG Inquiry 12953 for Solera/Audatex
“Please see DBRM Section 4-2 Labor Exclusions.
Page 43 of section 4-2, Bullet Point #2
Adhesive curing times is NOT INCLUDED”