Estimate Tip – “Blend” allowance for parts not serviced as individual components.

March 27, 2023

DEG Inquiry 23447 states:

“After review of MOTOR Crash Estimating Data, estimated Refinish times are developed for the exterior panel(s) as serviced by the OEM. Blend allowance is calculated using 50% of the nonoverlapped, base panel refinish time for the same component published in the MOTOR database. The 2018-23 Toyota Camry “Lock Pillar” is not serviced as an individual OEM component. Blend allowance can be selected from the Quarter Panel or as a Manual Entry for a section (Lock Pillar) of the vehicle that is not offered as an individual OEM component.

Please note: It is MOTOR’s position that Blend allowance for a section or area of the vehicle that is not offered as an individual OEM component is best reserved for the judgment of an estimator/appraiser following a thorough on-the-spot evaluation of the specific vehicle and refinish requirements in question.”


An example of these parts may include lock pillars or roof rails which are commonly components of a larger service assembly.