Checking and Filling Transmission fluid

April 19, 2022

All three CCC, Mitchell and Audatex: Checking and Filling Transmission fluid

CCC: DEG Inquiry 20048 “Checking transmission fluid using a dipstick is included with radiator R&R/R&I. On vehicles that do not have dipsticks on automatic transmissions, checking fluid would not be included in R&R/R&I radiator and would need to be an On-The-Spot evaluation agreed upon by estimators.”

Mitchell: DEG Inquiry 11715 “Checking the ATF level is not in the scope of the Radiator replacement procedure and is not included in the labor allowance.”

Audatex: DBRM Page 43 “Drain, refill and/or top off transmission fluid.”

Any fluid cost is NOT INCLUDED in all three Information Providers.