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Database Enhancement Gateway Welcomes WMABA as Silver Level Sponsor

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Database Enhancement Gateway Welcomes WMABA as Silver Level Sponsor


Feb 26, 2020 – Colorado Springs, Colorado – Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) introduces newest silver level sponsor as the Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association (WMABA).

“We are excited to have WMABA sponsor the DEG and help keep the resource available FREE to the collision repair industry,” says Danny Gredinberg, DEG Administrator.

DEG users have the ability to help fix omitted and inaccurate information found in the estimating programs through inquiry submissions. The database can also be utilized to verify and document necessary operations that have been addressed by other users, which are also confirmed by the information provider.

“We want to show our support to the DEG and provide additional value to our WMABA members,” commented Jordan Hendler, Executive Director of WMABA. “We enjoy having DEG participate in our COLLISION PREP courses offered at NORTH EAST trade show. Our Attendees find great value in DEG presentations offered by the Danny Gredinberg of the DEG.” She added that WMABA “encourages all SCRS affiliates to donate and fund the DEG to provide this as a free resource to the industry.”


DEG is funded by member dollars from the Society of Collision Repair Specialist (SCRS) and the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP), as well as corporate sponsorships from groups such as PPG, Collision Advice, ASA, Spanesi Americas, ALLDATA and now WMABA.


DEG- About the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG): The DEG is an initiative designed to help improve the information in collision repair estimates through proactive feedback about vehicle-specific errors, omissions and inaccuracies in the database and labor times. With support and funding from the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP), Society of Collision Repairs (SCRS) and other industry organizations, the DEG can provide its services free of charge to the industry. For more information on the DEG please visit or email .