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Guide to Estimating (P Page) Update

Estimating Tip- CCC/MOTOR – Guide to Estimating (P Page) Update CCC & MOTOR have made recent updates for 11/22 to both CCC Live digital GTE as well as MOTOR GTE and RACED GTE. The update links are available on DEG’s Estimate Toolbox under CCC Tab. A full summary of the updates can be found Clicking Here Notable changes can easily be identified in CCC Live digital GTE by locating a yellow star on the Book/ Page Icon (Example in Red Box). Additional Language updates can be see in “BLUE TEXT”

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Summary of updates to CCC/MOTOR GTE

Summary of updates to CCC/MOTOR GTE   “Estimate Work Time Premise” Addition of language to include “removal/application on bonded, riveted,” Many OEMs recommend a pre-and post-repair diagnostic scan on all vehicles involved in a collision that could reveal pre-accident or accident-related damage. Due to the variety of vehicle manufacturer approved scan tools, both OEM and aftermarket, as well as the variation from vehicle to vehicle and repair to repair, MOTOR is unable to develop a time that accounts for these different scenarios. Therefore, MOTOR recommends an on-the-spot evaluation to determine an appropriate estimated time to perform diagnostic scans for each repair. Please refer to OEM position statements and repair procedures for more information. “If an estimated work time is not available for the items below, an on-the-spot evaluation is recommended to determine an appropriate estimated time.” Labor time does not include: “Rivet gun set-up or preparation”   “Labor Procedures” Fender-…

Estimating Tips

FREE Honda news and service information.

Estimator Tip- FREE Honda news and service information. Honda has Body Repair News, summaries of new body and vehicle technologies, and position statements available for FREE. This is a great resource for repair planners to learn more about new-model features and updated vehicle designs. Always reference the actual procedure inside the OEM portal for the most accurate, and up-to-date information.