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Estimating Tips

FORD Impact bar modifications NOT INCLUDED

Estimating Tip: CCC/ MOTOR- FORD Impact bar modifications NOT INCLUDED   DEG Inquiry 19868 identifies feedback on not included operations for drilling holes or performing additional modifications to the replacement impact bar “Any additional modifications to the Impact Bar are not included.” An Add If Required has been added in the headnotes that states, “R&R impact bar, add to drill holes, 0.7” with a footnote that states, “LABOR: Time is to drill mounting holes if not supplied by the OE.” Consumables used for fabricating and or modifying parts (i.e. drill bits, shims, grinding wheels etc.) are NOT INCLUDED in published labor times.

Estimating Tips

Checking and Filling Transmission fluid

All three CCC, Mitchell and Audatex: Checking and Filling Transmission fluid CCC: DEG Inquiry 20048 “Checking transmission fluid using a dipstick is included with radiator R&R/R&I. On vehicles that do not have dipsticks on automatic transmissions, checking fluid would not be included in R&R/R&I radiator and would need to be an On-The-Spot evaluation agreed upon by estimators.” Mitchell: DEG Inquiry 11715 “Checking the ATF level is not in the scope of the Radiator replacement procedure and is not included in the labor allowance.” Audatex: DBRM Page 43 “Drain, refill and/or top off transmission fluid.” Any fluid cost is NOT INCLUDED in all three Information Providers.

Estimating Tips

Net, Form and Pierce” procedure NOT INCLUDED

Audatex: Stellantis / FCA “Net, Form and Pierce” procedure NOT INCLUDED DEG Inquiry 19798 Provides feedback regarding a procedure commonly found in Stellantis / FCA repair procedures: “Net, form and pierce is a manufacturing process which takes place during the original build of the vehicle. The original part will have a beveled platform that will decrease toward the fastener location mounting hole. Replacement parts in these areas may not include bevel (form) or fastener hole (pierce) and will need to be adapted for proper fit and finish.” Audatex response to this operation is “Per the DBRM we do not offer repair, fitting, or modification of new replacement parts (unless part is being sectioned), no change warranted at this time.”