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Estimating Tips

Clearing Customer Data NOT INCLUDED

Estimating Tip- All three estimating systems. Clearing Customer Data NOT INCLUDED CCC – DEG Inquiry 20794 “After review of your concern, this is not a MOTOR supported operation, The estimated work time for clearing data would need to be an On-the -Spot evaluation mutually agreed upon by estimators.” Mitchell – DEG Inquiry 20795 “Mitchell does not account for clearing data regarding navigation, HomeLink garage door settings or cell phone connectivity in any published labor allowance.” Audatex – DEG inquiry 20793 “We have reviewed your inquiry. Audatex does not provide a labor operation for clearing data from vehicle. Due to the amount of factors that can be involved depending the data stored, it is not possible to define a standard labor time for this operation. The time should be added manually by the estimate preparer. No changes warranted at this time.”

Estimating Tips

Measuring Paint MIL Thickness Not included

Estimating Tip- Measuring Paint MIL Thickness Not included CCC DEG Inquiry 19625 “• Measuring the MIL thickness of paint is not included in the estimated work time. • The cost of materials for any ultrasonic couplant gels would not be included. • The labor time and cost of materials to measure and manufacture a radial template would not be included”   Mitchell DEG inquiry 14513 “Measuring material thickness is not factored into the development of labor times.”