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Motor/CCC Updated P-Pages

Motor has released an updated P-Page for CCC One estimating. When reading the P-Pages anything that is new for this update will be written in blue. For example on page G5 you will see an updated paragraph outlining Frame setup. Another change is with bumper absorbers. This update clarifies that energy absorbers are part of the bumper overhaul only when the absorber is attached to the cover. The updated P-Pages will show in your CCC One system and you can always view a complete copy on the DEG website. We have the P-pages listed for all three estimating systems across the top of the home page as well as in the get educated tab.

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LKQ Parts P-Pages

If you utilize used parts in your repair process you must follow the P-pages outlined for LKQ parts. CCC and Audatex have separate p-pages/columns for used parts. These documents can be found within the estimating system and we also have a current copy on our website. Mitchell does not publish a print or digital copy of their LKQ P-Pages but they can be accessed within the estimating system. Below are a couple of examples of inquiries that we have received in regards to LKQ parts. When replacing an LKQ parts there is a different labor theory then that of an OEM part. For example a used quarter panel. All three estimating system still include the outer quarter and the inner quarter all the way to the floor. I know from my experience and also speaking with several shops that this is not the typical way an LKQ quarter is replaced…

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Overlap In CCC One

Overlap is defined on page G5 of the Motor Guide to estimating as the following: OVERLAP When replacing two or more components the duplication of included labor procedures is known as overlap. Labor procedures (R&R/R&I/D&R) that create overlap include, but are not limited to, mechanical attachment, welding, bonding and/or technician preparation. For example, when replacing a quarter panel and rear body panel on the same vehicle, the common required labor procedures necessary to remove and replace or reinstall these components is known as overlap. When a labor overlap condition exists, less time is required to replace adjoining components collectively than is required when they are replaced individually. Overlap labor information is generally included at the beginning Of each group or subgroup within each chapter. An example is when replacing a quarter panel and rear body panel. Each panel will have a replacement time that includes for all necessary functions, but…