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Non-Reusable Parts

The DEG addresses the issue of Non-reusable parts. A non-reusable part is an item on the vehicle that the OEM recommends replacing after it has been removed during the repair process. Some of these non-reusable parts are listed in the estimating database as a footnote but many are not and are only found in the vehicle repair manuals. If you search the DEG database you will find several inquiries that we have submitted to the information providers, asking if they will add a footnote to the database that addresses a non-reusable item. Typically, once the information provider receives the inquiry they confirm with the OEM that the part is a non-reusable item and they will add a footnote to the estimating system. The vapor barrier on a door and rear bumper step pads are two examples of non-reusable parts, but there are also several safety items that the OEM recommends…

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CCC Bumper Prompt

The CCC bumper prompt has changed over the years and currently when replacing or refinishing a bumper the prompt SHOULD pop up and ask “Will the bumper be refinished in a separate procedure from the other panels?” The prompt will show or not show based on your profile settings and you should answer based on your procedure.   With this said I would assume most if not all bumpers would be refinished in a separate operation. I say this because 1. Typically a bumper is refinished at a separate time from the vehicle due to space in the booth and 2. If you are refinishing a bumper there would be a flex additive that would need to be included in the paint requiring a separate paint mix, correct ?? If your estimate has flex additive then it is a safe assumption that the bumper will be refinished in a separation…

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Motor/CCC Updated P-Pages

Motor has released an updated P-Page for CCC One estimating. When reading the P-Pages anything that is new for this update will be written in blue. For example on page G5 you will see an updated paragraph outlining Frame setup. Another change is with bumper absorbers. This update clarifies that energy absorbers are part of the bumper overhaul only when the absorber is attached to the cover. The updated P-Pages will show in your CCC One system and you can always view a complete copy on the DEG website. We have the P-pages listed for all three estimating systems across the top of the home page as well as in the get educated tab.