Estimate Tip – All Three – Mask for Primer

June 16, 2023

Tip – Mask for Primer

labor and material cost for Primer application is an NON INCLUDED operation in
all three estimating systems:  Audatex,
CCC and Mitchell

Audatex DBRM Section 4-4
Page 139

the estimator enters a judgment time for refinish labor, the estimator also
determines the included operations. Operations that might be considered in the
repair refinish time include any steps required to bring the panel to the
condition of a new, undamaged panel. This may include feather edge, blow off
and clean, mask to prime, tack off, mix etch
primer, prime bare metal, mix and apply primer filler, guide coat application,
unmask as required, and block sand. Panel scuff to facilitate application of
clear may also be considered for two- or three-stage refinish.”

CCC/MOTOR GTE: Basic Color Coat

Not Include:

            Cover / mask
for prime and block

Mitchell CEG : Refinish General

Repaired/Used Panels

times related to repaired and/or used panels—example: Remove and install or
masking of glass, outside handles or exterior trim, feather prime & block,
masking for primer surfacer application—are not included
in refinish time.
steps required for refinishing a repaired and/or used panel may vary from those
required for a new panel depending on the condition of the repaired and/or used