Estimate Tip – Audatex/Qapter – DBRM Blend Update

December 11, 2023

Solera Qapter has made recent updates (November 2023) to its Database Reference Manual(DBRM), specifically on page 140, section 4-4 Refinish Guidelines, regarding “Blending”. Access an updated version of the DBRM on the DEG website, available here. Users can view the update below:

Audatex refinish labor is based on the use of new and undamaged panels. Audatex Estimating does not provide a standard labor allowance for blended panels as this requires the estimate preparer’s judgment, expertise, and consideration of the unique requirements for each repair. Determination and assessment of labor and materials necessary in the blending process is best provided by the estimate preparer during the estimate preparation process. To assist the user, profile settings allow for customization to enter a specified blend percentage, as necessary.


Audatex will now allow you to specify the Blend Refinish percentage to be used when calculating Blend Refinish labor at the profile level allowing insurers and shops to agree on a default blend refinish time. You may enter a value between 50% and 150%. This value is used to determine the blend refinish labor by multiplying it against the full panel refinish time.

When generating an estimate, the blend refinish will be calculated using the value specified at the profile level. If no value is specified, a default value of 50% blend refinish percentage will be used.

As before, an estimator can manually override the Blend Refinish percentage specified at the profile level and it will be denoted with an asterisk (*) on the estimate.

Additionally, a new note is now added to the bottom of all estimates showing the Blend Refinish percentage used.