Estimate Tip – Mitchell – Frame Replacement Classification

December 26, 2023

Recent DEG Inquiry 35578 provides feedback from Mitchell regarding classification of frame for replacement.

“Frame R&R is a unique operation where one labor time represents multiple individual operations. The “Frame” labor category, when used for Frame Assembly R&R, represents a blend of mechanical and body operations. In other words, a certain percentage of the labor is mechanical in nature and a
certain percentage is body. This blend will vary from vehicle to vehicle and the rate for this category could be adjusted to reflect the job-specific blend of operations.

The actual time taken by individual repair facilities can vary due to severity of collision, vehicle condition, shop equipment, technician skill sets etc. Good planning, proper preparation and thoughtful job sequencing are all key to performing Frame Assembly R&R. Also, special equipment, additional
workspace and manpower may be needed.

Also, important to note is that the P-pages support the changing of the system default labor category by the user where circumstances would require it. See “Labor General Information – Labor Categories” where it says, in part, “The labor times shown in the Guide fall into various categories (for example, body, frame, mechanical) as determined by the repair facility’s operating procedures. As a guide, components for which R&I or R&R is commonly considered to be a mechanical operation when performed in a collision repair environment are designated with the letter “m” in the text. These designations are only a guide. They are not necessarily all inclusive…”