Estimating Tip: CCC- Aim Headlights

May 3, 2021
Estimating Tip: CCC- Aim Headlights
In DEG Inquiry 18138, MOTOR provides a breakdown of “Add if Required” operation “Aim Headlamps”.

“Includes use of all necessary tools and equipment in-order to aim headlamps within specifications.  The estimated work time for “Headlamp Aim” includes the following:


·         Vehicle staging (parked on level ground)

·         Adjust to specifications

The estimated work time for “Headlamp Aim” does not include the following.

·         Component part replacement.

·         Inspect vehicle for damage.

·         Verify Oil level.

·         Verify Coolant level.

·         Verify Tire Pressure.

·         Verify Trunk & Vehicle cargo removal.

·         Load “150 LBS” in Front Seat.

·         Special Equipment Set-Up.”


Before finalizing a damage assessment, always reference OEM repair information for required steps to perform proper headlight aiming. Some OEM headlight aiming procedures may be complex, requiring non-traditional tools such as an OEM Scan tool and/or specific measuring equipment.