Estimating Tip: CCC, Mitchell and Audatex- Two Stage/ Three Stage Refinish

September 13, 2021
Repair planners should not rely solely on estimating system information when determining if a vehicle is a two-stage or three-stage refinish process. There are instances where the repair facility paint system being used may have a different color formula or application process than what decoded in the estimating system.  The repair planner must verify and apply the correct refinish stage based solely on the paint system used at the repair facility for that specific repair. Material costs are NEVER included in published labor times.

Recent DEG example Inquiry 18796 states:

“Paint Codes are referenced from Paint Manufacturers i.e., Akzo, PPG, Dupont, etc.

·    A Pearl Color may be formulated as a 3 Stage formula or as an optional Base/Clear formula depending on Paint Manufacturer.

·   The Collison Repair Facility determines which Paint Manufacturer they will use.

·   MOTOR suggests determining which paint type based on Paint Manufacturer used before finalizing any repair cost estimate.”