Estimating Tip: Toyota Grille Emblem

February 8, 2021
Estimating Tip: Toyota Grille Emblem
DEG Inquiry 17605 addresses a 2016 Toyota Camry grille displaying the emblem as included with the grille assembly in the estimating system. When the grille was received by the repair facility, the emblem was not serviced as part of the assembly as indicted in the diagram based on the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC).

Upon further investigation Motor States: “The Toyota EPC still displays the assembly part numbers as the only valid listings. However, after a lot of research we have confirmed and agree with DEG assessment that multiple components have replaced a no longer available assembly. The chapter will be updated and resent to CCC with the changes on 02/05/2021.”


Regardless of the estimating system being utilized, users should be aware of vehicles with ADAS options, where the emblem may be the only difference in the assembly. Repairers noticing emblems not coming as part of the assembly (as indicated in the EPC graphic) can submit a DEG inquiry for additional review by the information providers.