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2023-05-04 12:44:25 Resolved (No IP Change)

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Crossover

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Proposed Response Text:

Thank you for your inquiry,
After review of available information, the requirement to mask, protect or cap off electrical connectors is not outlined in the manufacturers service procedures and has not been accounted for in the labor allowance.

Inquiry type Non-Welded Panel Operations
Area of Vehicle Electrical
Issue Summary When removing bumpers, headlights or any component with an electrical connector, is additional labor to Mask/ Protect/ Cap off Wiring included in labor time?
Suggested Action Clarify if capping off pig tails is included or not included as the variable if immediately unplugging the part and replacing it at the same operation vs unplugging the part and having the vehicle sit needing to be capped off to prevent moisture/ contamination into the connector/ plug.