2024-02-07 01:40:46 Resolved (IP Change)

2019 Jeep cherokee SUV

Tracking # 35998

Estimated UM Release Date: 03/08/2024

Proposed Resolution: MOTOR stated:
After review, in the Front Door group, Door & Components subgroup, an estimated work time of 0.2 hours has been applied to the Front Seal.

Please Note: Estimated work times for drilling holes for the Front Seal if the holes do not come on the Door, would be left to an on-the-spot evaluation between the shop and the insurance adjuster.

Inquiry type Missing Information
Area of Vehicle Front Door
Missing Part Name front seal
Issue Summary Front seal on inner front door has no labor time. If door is being replaced it does not come with holes on door for the seal to be secured with clips as it comes from factory. Insurance inspected one was not not happy rather than drilling holes in new panel and putting in clips as it came from factory it was double sided taped to prevent new panel from corrosion. they did not find this acceptable.
Suggested Action please add time to database for front seal part # 5056295aa no labor is in database for replacement and time must be adjusted if new door is being replaced. It does not come with predrilled holes to secure seal with clips through panel as it comes from factory. Consider New door must be removed, templated with seal for holes. .5 - 1. should be suffice to template drill holes on new panel.