Refinishing roof with no break point

May 9, 2022

Estimating Tip: CCC and Mitchell- Refinishing roof with no break point

CCC and Mitchell has provided feedback to inquiries regarding masking operations when refinishing a roof panel without a breakpoint. Additional information about extending clear coat van be watched in this SCRS Quick Tip Video

DEG Inquiry 20058 for CCC

“MOTOR feedback: Perimeter masking is included. Rolled tape edge is not included.”

DEG Inquiry 20057 for Mitchell

“Mitchell considers the included “Perimeter mask” of the roof to also include to perform “Rolled Tape Edge” type masking if the repairer is electing to perform refinish to the roof panel only and not extending the refinish to the adjacent panels.”

It’s important to refer to refinish manufactures repair procedures for an accepted warranty repair on panels with no breakpoint. Click this link to visit SCRS Refinish Manufacturer technical information page.