SCRS Part Quality Complaint Form

December 1, 2011


  1. Click the image above to download the complaint form
  2. Save form with a new file name (ex: ShopNamePartNameComplaint.pdf)
  3. Complete information on form
  4. Save photo documentation to the same file
  5. Submit .PDF complaint and photos to or fax 1-877-851-0660

Please understand this is for research only, and SCRS will not be responding to individual complaints

DEG- About the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG): The DEG is an initiative designed to help improve the information in collision repair estimates through proactive feedback about vehicle-specific errors, omissions and inaccuracies in the database and labor times. With support and funding from the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP), Society of Collision Repairs (SCRS) and other industry organizations, the DEG can provide its services free of charge to the industry. For more information on the DEG please visit or email .