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AkzoNobel 20 Group invests in DEG and industry training

Jake Weyer

June 22, 2011 — AkzoNobel Acoat selected Titanium National Performance Group this week announced plans to donate $3,000 for Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) improvements and continuing education through the March Taylor Memorial Fund.

For the first initiative, the 20 Group is offering a $1,000 grant, to be allocated between three individuals who submit the best ideas for database improvements this year. DEG and Titanium Group members will set the criteria and determine the measurement of contribution for each award. Submissions can be made at The Titanium Group will also support the DEG’s ongoing efforts with an additional $1,000 matching grant.

The March Taylor contribution is another $1,000, made to promote continuing education in the industry. Additional donations can be made to the March Taylor Memorial Fund by calling 509.543.7773.

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