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IPs Get On Board With Raw Bumper Prep

Following strong urging from the Database Enhancement Gateway, major information providers have begun to include raw bumper prep in their estimating systems.

Getting properly paid for the work that goes into every aspect of a vehicle’s repair is a critical piece of running a successful body shop. But if estimating systems can’t offer a clear calculation for a specific job, getting paid can take a bit of extra effort—and it often does.

One specific procedure—the preparation of raw, or unprimed, bumper covers—has been missing from estimating systems for years, requiring repairers to manually calculate rates and haggle with insurers over the repair cost. The Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) is trying to make that problem a thing of the past, and a recent report shows it’s making progress.

“We brought this up as a significant deficiency,” says Arthur Harris, administrator of the DEG.

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