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AASP, ASA and SCRS contacted all three Information Providers in regards to Data Privacy. Below is the original request and the responses from the information Providers.

  1. Request Document
  2. Response from Audatex
  3. Response from CCC
  4. Response from Mitchell

SCRS Guide to Complete Repair Planning

SCRS Spot Within Panel Article

Blend within panel or Basecoat reduction – An in depth look at the process to refinish a panel once it has been repaired.

ASA chart for blend within  – Chart showing the items needed for full refinish and “blend within”

DEG Raw Bumper OE shipment condition – Study the DEG performed in 2010 that shows the condition on OE bumpers, either primed or raw

Audatex Refinish Study – ASA letter to Audatex in reference to refinish breakdown.

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I-Car Repairability Technical Portal

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Audate: How incorrect option and accessories can impact your Audatex Estimate labor time.


CCCone: Retroactively apply labor rate to supplements and estimate of record.


Mitchell Ultramate: How to add additional labor operations for Radiator Supports


Mitchell: How to navigate multiple part schematics within a part group.


CCC: How to set up estimate sequence


SCRS Education Committee Presents: Performing Diagnostic Scans


What is the Audatex Labor Report and how to get a copy of it.


Danny Gredinberg of the DEG Presents: “What happens after 150g” At SCRS open board meeting in Denver, CO April 2018


Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding How and Why


Windshield Installation and Safety Concerns


YouTube – Clear Coat inner panels in CCC One


YouTube – CCC One bumper prompt setup


YouTube – Search the DEG database


YouTube- Adding a new labor rate category in CCC ONE


YouTube – Adding the Aluminum rate category to a line in CCC ONE



Reference Chart of Not-Included Operations When Installing New Replacement Parts

The Reference Chart of Not-Included Operations When Installing New Replacement Parts serves as a quick summary of general, not-included operations, and should be used in addition to procedure pages supplied by individual information providers. Click here to download.

Reference Chart of Not-Included Operations When Installing LKQ Parts

The Reference Chart of Not-Included Operations when Installing LKQ parts serves to establish a baseline of reference materials for common operations when preparing a complete damage assessment and repair estimate. Click here to download.

ASA Documented Collision Repair Operations

This document, prepared by ASA’s Collision Division Refinish Subcommittee, provides tools to help collision repair professionals communicate with their local insurance representatives regarding refinish procedures. It includes information on basic procedures for Blend vs. New Panels, LKQ vs. New Panels, Raw Bumper Covers vs. Primed Bumper Covers and Repaired vs. New Panels. In addition, the document contains a checklist of Included and Non-Included Refinish Operations, as well as one listing items to charge for when doing Quarter Panel Refinish Operations. A valuable resource for every collision repairer, feel free to share with your peers in the industry. Click here to download.

ASA/NAPDRT Aluminum Study White Paper

The National Alliance of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians (NAPDRT) approached the Automotive Service Association (ASA) in December of 2015 with a request for any information ASA had on the difference between steel and aluminum panels pursuant to Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). The NAPDRT reported that some of its members were encountering apparent confusion among collision damage estimators as to the differences in the PDR process when repairing steel vs. aluminum panels and were seeking available independent studies to confirm the field experience reported by its members on the differences in the repair process, specifically when dealing with aluminum. Since no such data existed in the ASA Resource Center records, a study was initiated as a cooperative effort between NAPDRT and ASA to document the PDR repair process when dealing with aluminum panels. Click here to download.

10 Steps of Professional Diagnostics

Here’s a flier you can give your customers that will educate them as to the resources, time and training it takes to deliver professional diagnostics and a quality repair. In photos and words, it will tell them about the 10-step process it takes to get their car repaired and back on the road. The flier includes ASA’s Code of Ethics and stresses your shop’s professionalism in providing a quality repair experience for your valued customers. Click here to download your free copy.

ASA Provides Convenient Access to CIC Database Task Force Documents

The Collision Industry Conference (CIC) is a forum designed to allow collision industry stakeholders to come together to discuss issues, build broad understanding, find common ground and communicate to the industry its findings and possible solutions.

ASA previously published its concerns regarding the reintroduction of the bumper prompt currently included in CCC Information Services’ Pathways 4.5 product. The CIC task force recently distributed its comments on the bumper prompt, as well as several paint manufacturer comments on the topic. Those documents are being made available as downloadable PDFs in their original form, as received by the task force members. ASA continues to monitor this situation on behalf its members, and has provided this information for your convenience.

CIC Database Committee – CCC Bumper Prompt Details (overview)

Paint Company responses:

CCC’s response and supplementary materials: